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Car Systems

Car License Plate Flipper

The car license plate flipper system is a new addition to the range, and is a variation of our very popular and reliable FLIP PLATE  SYSTEM for bikes.

It comes with its own license plate surround which is fabricated from 1.5mm aluminium and is powder coated in textured satin black, the surround itself is flat and approx 25mm deep inc the plate and ideally needs to go onto a flat surface, it is sized exactly to take a std size ie..520mm x 111mm uk number plate (if you require a customized size we will make you one on application, however there may be an additional charge).

The system is operated by a remote fob which has its own dashboard mounted holder that also houses the led indicator light.

You have the option of a single system for either front or rear mounting.. or a double system for both front and rear plates, both systems are operated by the single remote control and a single control box for ease of installation. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DUAL SYSTEM OPERATES THE FRONT AND REAR PLATES AT THE SAME TIME.

Both car license plate flipper systems come with all wiring required in lengths that will accommodate most cars and vans, however if you have any special requirements please ask.

As with the bike systems – all connections are on plugs for ease of installation..


Car Plate Flipper in Action