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Option 1: Flip Plate 3

With or without remote

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Width of box:  85mm (inc flap: 125mm).
  • Height of box: 56mm (inc flap: 70mm).
  • Depth of box: 24mm (inc flap & number plate: 40mm).

Option 2: Flip Plate Evolution

With remote only

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Width of box:  110mm (inc flap: 145mm).
  • Height of box: 55mm (inc flap: 70mm).
  • Depth of box: 24mm (inc flap & number plate: 26mm).

Motorcycle Plate Flipper, Flip Plate 3: With Remote


Motorcycle Plate Flipper, Flip Plate 3: None Remote


Motorcycle Plate Flipper Evolution: Under Tail Fitting


Motorcycle Plate Flipper Evolution: Tail tidy fitting


Spare Remote Fob


The differences between the Flip Plate 3 & the Flip Plate Evolution



Flip Plate 3

NOW EVEN MORE COMPACT! The Flip Plate 3 is a tried and tested product that has now sold in large numbers all over the world. It is a very small and discrete design that uses high power waterproof servos and will bolt direct onto your existing fender or fender eliminator. It is NOT designed however, to bolt directly under the tail in place of your existing fender or fender eliminator.


Flip Plate Evolution

 The evolution was developed as an alternative to the flip plate 3 for the bikers that use their machines all year round in all weathers. The evo is 100% waterproof and needs little or no maintenance. The flipper box itself is slightly smaller than the flip plate 3 and will also bolt directly onto your existing fender or fender eliminator.  However, should you need it to bolt direct under the tail onto the undertray without the need for a fender or eliminator it can also do this no problem.

REMOTE CONTROL:  The remote control isolator option is not available on the Evo – it comes as standard.

These are both brilliant flippers, but you have a choice of which is best for you!

Additional Information for our Plate Flippers

  • Flap includes bolt inserts and includes stainless number plate bolts (no holes to drill).
  • Box has slotted mounting holes for perfect mounting alignment.
    (no holes to drill and includes stainless mounting bolts and washers).
  • Comes with high quality stainless steel latching led push button switch that attaches to your clutch lever clamp bolts (no cheap toggle switches here).
  • Led flashing plate open warning light built into switch.
  • Proper purpose made wiring harness.
  • all connections,plugs,etc are soldered and sealed with heat shrink for strength.
  • Everything is plug and play you simply can not wire it the wrong way.
  • Control unit is tiny (this is the brain that goes under your seat) only 60mm x 40mm x 23mm.
  • Only waterproof high power servos used.
  • Absolutely no adjustments need to be made after installation (this is not the case with some other units out there).
  • Virtually maintenenance free (a little grease on the box internals every now and then).
  • You can find out what people are saying about our plate flippers by reading our reviews here.